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As is evident to anyone who’s read this blog, I’m risking my life writing about all the things that I do. I mean, Chitradeep ChettyDrinivas,The Wife and lots of characters in this blog (who may or may not bear resemblance to real people) have a grunge to settle against me. Further complicating the scene is that I’ve now turned legitimate in my real life – I have a (kind-of) respectable professional life and a kind-of respectable writing career. How do I continue to write all the junk that I do on this blog without affecting my other life?

As usual, the answer comes from Shahrukh Khan. Have you seen that SRK movie – Rab Ne Bana de Jodi? It’s this epic movie where Shahrukh Khan goes undercover as a dancer. SRK and I have similar problems – We’re both trying to do shady things while protecting our legitimate careers. SRK is trying to protect his career in the electricity company, and I’m trying to protect my life against all the people that I’ve pissed off. Thinking about it, Batman, SRK and I are in the same boat here. We’re all doing this great service to humanity by risking our lives, but we need to protect ourselves from the evils of society. Batman has the Joker to worry about, SRK has the US immigration department to worry about, and I have The Wife to worry about.

Anyway, The way SRK solves the problem in the movie is totally brilliant! He – get this – stops wearing glasses and taadaaaaa! He becomes a brand new guy that no one in his regular life can recognize. Totally inspired! What brilliance!

I was going to use this same strategy, but unfortunately I don’t wear glasses. So instead, I decided to continue to write this blog under a pseudoname. Enter PowerPanda!

That’s right – I am now the PowerPanda. You can follow me on Twitter – @PointlessEvery. PowerPanda has all my superpowers, so you shouldn’t really see a change in what gets written here. Now, I can say whatever I want here without any fear that I might one day get a letter filled with white powder sent by some deranged character. Now, to be completely fair, my name has appeared in several blog posts here, and there’s at least one picture. But no matter. This is the internet, and as everyone knows, the internet is the safest place to lock away secrets. My secret is safe here.

So, ladies and gentlemen, the time has come to let the PowerPanda take over. Behold, The power of the panda.


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